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In a context of increasing dematerialization of procedures and services, IDECYS+ aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a digital identity that is easy to obtain and use, taking into account delegation issues. Reliable identification is essential for establishment and the confidence to carry out actions from a distance. IDECYS+ complies with the requirements of the European eIDAS regulation in order to be integrated into the France Connect portal.

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Related technology

White-Box Cryptography

Use white-box software in lieu of a secure element.

White-box cryptography turns a keyed cryptographic algorithm into an unintelligible program with the same functionality. The white-box secure program can then be executed in an untrusted environment without fear of exposing the underlying keys. The code itself is tamper-proof, just as a secure element.


Project Objectives

The main objective of the IDECYS+ project is to develop a new solution that is both flexible and secure for digital identity for European legal persons, and first and foremost for the 3 million French SMBs and micro-entreprises. The partners of this project came together to pool their skills This project is based on technologies developed by 5 expert partners with complementary skills.

IDECYS+ aims to make life easier for companies and service providers for the implementation of new uses. It must therefore meet several objectives:

  • Be able to be delivered instantly;
  • Be easy to use for the end user;
  • Facilitate and secure the delegation of rights up to the highest level of the eIDAS regulation.

To achieve these objectives in the presence of identified brakes, IDECYS+ intends to develop:

  1. A reliable remote identification and registration solution for a new user that can be fully automated;
  2. Plug-and-play tokens that can be used on a smartphone;
  3. OTPs on smartphones with a sufficient level of security that can be demonstrated;
  4. A management of decentralized proof with probative value.


IDECYS+ brings together partners with complementary skills: ARIADNEXT, brings its skills in the field of remote identification and collaborates on this subject with the L3I of the University of La Rochelle. CERTEUROPE brings its skills in the field of electronic signature, CRYPTOEXPERTS in that of cryptography, and SERENDPTECH in that of authentication. Finally, SYLLEX is a user partner of the solution that it will integrate into its applications.