Research at CryptoExperts is Unique


CryptoExperts' Research Team

Our research group is mostly constituted of industrial experts holding a PhD in cryptography, and maintains a word-class expertise that simultaneously covers theoretical and practical aspects of cryptographic systems.

  • Publications: 277
  • Best papers awards: 9
  • Program chairs: 9 times
  • Program committees: 79 times

Collaborative Projects

CryptoExperts is a research group of well-recognized experts in cryptography and is connected to a network of more than 45 technology partners from across the globe.

Ranging from hardware cryptoprocessing to user-privacy, from lightweight encryption to white-box cryptography, here is a selection of our current project projects.

Latest publications

  • Speeding-up verification of digital signatures.
    portrait ofAbdul Rahman Taleb, Damien Vergnaud.
    In J. Comput. Syst. Sci., 2021.
  • Preface for the Number-Theoretic Methods in Cryptology conferences.
    portrait ofAntoine Joux, Jacek Pomykala.
    In J. Math. Cryptol., 2020.
  • Improved parallel mask refreshing algorithms: generic solutions with parametrized non-interference and automated optimizations.
    Gilles Barthe, portrait ofSonia Belaïd, François Dupressoir, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Benjamin Grégoire, François-Xavier Standaert, Pierre-Yves Strub.
    In J. Cryptogr. Eng., 2020.
  • Improving side-channel attacks against pairing-based cryptography.
    Damien Jauvart, Nadia El Mrabet, Jacques J. A. Fournier, portrait ofLouis Goubin.
    In J. Cryptogr. Eng., 2020.

Academic Involvements

Program Chairs and Committees

CryptoExperts' team strongly supports the quality of the cryptographic research and has been involved in many program committees, including as program chairs.

Conferences & Workshops Organizations

CryptoExperts' team has also benevolently organized several conferences and workshops.


CryptoExperts is proud to sponsor several conferences in cryptography:


portrait of

Dr. Pascal Paillier

  • Asiacrypt 2005 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Dr. Matthieu Rivain

  • CHES 2008 Best Paper Award
  • CHES 2007 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Prof. Louis Goubin

  • CHES 2010 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Prof. Antoine Joux

  • IACR Fellow 2014
  • Eurocrypt 2014 Best Paper Award
  • Gödel Prize 2013
  • Eurocrypt 2012 Best Paper Award
  • Asiacrypt 2009 Best Paper Award

ECRYPT Projects

CryptoExperts is a partner of the coordination & support action ECRYPT-CSA, and of the research network ECRYPT-NET, sponsored by the European Union's H2020 programme.

ecrypt csa

The goal of this CSA is to strengthen European excellence in the area of cryptology and to build on the Network of Excellence ECRYPT and ECRYPT II to achieve a durable integration and structuring of the European cryptography community, involving academia, industry, law enforcement and defense agencies.

Concretely, the project has the following objectives:

  • Joint research agenda and foresight studies on 15 cryptographic hot topics
  • Identification and technology gaps, market and implementation opportunities
  • Contribute to the development of European standards, including for the public sector
  • Dissemination and outreach to broad range of communities and strengthening the link with institutional stakeholders such as the European Commission

During this project (March 2015 - March 2018), CryptoExperts will organize the four following workshops:

ecrypt net

ECRYPT-NET is a research network that intends to develop advanced cryptographic techniques for the Internet of Things and the Cloud and to create efficient and secure implementations of those techniques on a broad range of platforms. The project is funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN (Integrated Training Network) grant. The network will educate a group of 15 PhD students who are expected to spend at least six months abroad in a network partner or in one of the 7 associated companies.