ISO/IEC SC 27 is the arena where international crypto standards are conceived. We work within ISO for a world that offers better security and better privacy to the global industry, gov-related institutions and above all, to users.

ISO is the "United Nations" of standards, where member countries join forces to issue international standards that cover critical aspects of our lives. The mission of subcommittee 27 (SC 27) IT Security Techniques is to cover the various areas pertaining to security and privacy, split into 5 complementary missions:

  • Working Group 1 - Information security management systems.
  • Working Group 2 - Cryptography and security mechanisms.
  • Working Group 3 - Security evaluation, testing and specification.
  • Working Group 4 - Security controls and services.
  • Working Group 5 - Identity management and privacy technologies.

We are actively involved in WG2 (Cryptography and security mechanisms) where we have contributed to the emergence of many cryptography standards. Our teammate Pascal Paillier has been the main editor of the ISO standards on Homomorphic Encryption (ISO/IEC 18033-6) and Attribute-based Entity Authentication (ISO/IEC 27551).

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